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Beyond picking and packing, we ensure every order delivers on your brand promise.

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Fulfilling your orders—and your brand promise.

Whether you’re an established brand or emerging startup, selling within the U.S. or worldwide, our fulfillment e-commerce solutions allow you to focus on what matters most: growing your core business. But we believe order fulfillment services should go beyond putting product into your customers’ hands. With Newgistics Fulfillment, they can also help you build your brand and manage your business better—while providing your shoppers with a level of service that surprises and delights.

The technology to improve operations and control costs.

You want to know what’s happening with your inventory when it happens, and how it all impacts your bottom line. As a technology-driven e-commerce fulfillment company, we’ve developed a proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) that keeps you informed. You gain access to the critical dashboards and underlying data you need to understand every aspect of your distribution operations—at a glance.

This platform offers you enhanced:
 Visibility — dozens of real-time reports and customizable CEO-style dashboards Cost efficiency — comprehensive view into operations helps you manage expenses more closely Flexibility — seamless integration with most e-commerce platforms, financial systems and other enterprise software

And with its rate-shopping functionality—along with our relationships with all major carriers—our WMS helps you save on 3rd party logistics services while still meeting customer delivery expectations.

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Leverage order fulfillment services to build your brand.

Your brand is your business. We take tremendous care to ensure it is always represented properly, and that every order delivered also delivers on your brand promise. From simple insertions to fully customized packaging, our team works with you to identify how you can make the strongest possible impression on your customers.

Getting it there fast. Getting it right.

Speed and accuracy are essential to the customer experience, and we know you can’t compromise on either one. Neither do we.

We also pride ourselves on exceeding your shoppers’ delivery expectations, getting orders to them quickly at cost-effective ground rates thanks to our:

  • Late cutoff times
  • Same-day order processing
  • Nationwide network of e-commerce fulfillment centers

Scaling along with you—at your speed.

Whether your marketing video just went viral, bringing an avalanche of orders, or you’re simply experiencing a seasonal surge, Newgistics is ready. In over a decade as an e-commerce fulfillment company, we have built a successful track record of managing distribution for industry leaders and emerging startups alike. We offer you the flexibility and scalability to accommodate both short-term demand peaks and rapid long-term growth.